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readable version in modern english. (I haven't tried any others such as The Emperor's Handbook though, so I'm not sure about a comparison between the two.). Aurelius provides a lot of valuable insight into how we should live our lives. Even if you're not a stoic, the personal thoughts in this book will at the Referred to by some scholars as, “the most beautiful figure in history,” that we even have the private writings of Marcus Aurelius is astounding.The fa 24 Apr 2013 With school finished the opportunity to do some non-economic reading presented itself and I finally got the chance to take a book from myGlad I read it but had higher expectations. Good advice on living, even though it was written 2000 years ago. The Emperor's Handbook: A New Translation I leave my 5-star ratings for the books that I feel deserve it. This book is great, because it's a very light read, and does a great translation of the n Stoicism made the Emperor's character so unique - best describe by his humbleness, respect for others, and sense of gratitude and indebtedness. The Handb This might be the best book I've ever read. If not, it's definitely the most unique considering the story behind how Marcus Aurelius wrote down his thoug Marcus Aurelius doesn't come off as a particularly happy individual in this book, which is just Meditations repackaged. However, happiness isn't the most Sometimes you read a book that is exactly the right book for you at the right time. This book was that, helping me see the universality of some of the th

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