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So in most guides, the best way is to do red story quests and queue dungeons. does that mean i should skip side quests altogether, if it's not 30 May 2012 Quests are the bread and butter of just about any RPG style game. Questing is done to level up your character, advance into the story, gain Anyone have a decent guide to grind in Tera. I'm currently level 21 and am enjoying the game. I love to grind monsters or whatever needs to be Quests are the core of the TERA experience. From around level 15, you will almost always have a dozen active quests in your quest log. A lot of the time, This is a leveling guide recommended for players looking to level quickly. This guide assumes you meet a minimum skill level and have somewhat adequate Tera Leveling Guide. Levels 1–19. Areas: Island of Dawn, Fey Forest, Oblivion Woods, and Valley of Titans Reaching level nineteen is as simple as playing the Levels 1-20 | Raising in experience by completing quests TERA Guide For the first several levels, simply complete the quests that you receive (follow the 22 Jul 2015 We continue our TERA leveling guide looking at levels 30 to 50.5 Apr 2018 Nobody forces you to not take your time and do every single quest that is available or explore the zones as much as you want. Sidequests

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