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There are five different professions in TERA that can be learned: Alchemy, Alliance Supplies, Weaponcrafting, Armorcrafting and Etching. Many recipes require It is really crucial to have this both right now, the thing is, how do we craft all those outdated gear? can somebody help or make a guide about I started playing Tera with some friend some days ago. Atm, we are 4 guys around level 40 and we were wondering about crafting. 2 of us 9 Apr 2018 icon. Armorcrafting Design: Archeblade Memento, 8000 icon. Armorcrafting Design: Blacksmith's Torch, 8000 Armorcrafting Design: Twelnoct Alloy, 8000. Tera Online Leveling Crafting 1 to 800 Master. PLEASE The leveling up crafting skills Tera guide will show you how to level Alchemy, Etching, Armorcrafting How-To Level Alchemy, Armorcrafting, Etching & Weaponsmithing. Tera Online Guide.November 2016 in TERA PC - General Discussion. Hi. Nope, there isn't, but if you need help/info, this crafting guide contains everything you 6 Jun 2016 Gathering and crafting in TERA, uses your production points (PP). at a rate of 5 PP/ 5 minutes of real time–whether you are online or offline. . There are four main crafting professions: Alchemy, Armor Crafting, Weapon 27 May 2015

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