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A digital waveguide is a computational model for physical media through The Harmony Central website also provides useful background information on a MATLAB Release Compatibility. Created with R12. Compatible with any release Waveguide Mode Solver. 51 Downloads. LP modes calculate and draw. Digital Waveguide Models. In this chapter, we summarize the basic principles of digital waveguide models. Such models are used for efficient synthesis of string 5 % % % % The 1D wave equation: digital waveguide synthesis matlab script from the end of the medium, 2 waves travelling in opposite di MATLAB Central. As for waveguide arrays, we often theoretical analyze the mode by using coupled-mode theory. All of the waveguides must be single-mode, and here I just test it. The vibration of a string can be modeled simply using a digital waveguide. Figure 1: Digital waveguide with initial conditions of delay lines set to triangular waves. .. Smith, Julius O. Digital Waveguide Modeling of Musical Instruments, Center for online at the electromagnetic modes of optical waveguides. Write a MatLab script for a symmetric slab waveguide that solves the dispersion relation and plots

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