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Page 19. Page 21. Page 21. Page 21. Page 22. Page 25. Page 25. Page 26. Page 27 It belongs to the Sailplane ASW 15 B . ASW 15 B Flight Manual. 1. 1. amendments to the replaced by. Flight and Operations 39/2). Manual. Installation of a B) Inspection. Programm to The ASW 20 has been licensed according to the 'Airworthiness . From fast cruise of 200 km/h ( 19 ) a pull-up into a thermal. Flight and Operations Manual for the Sailplano Model. ASW 1.9 B. *A*S*##****. *. June 1978 Edition. This manual is always to be carried on board ! 19 B. ASW 19 Operations Manual examine an entire aircraft made of FRP, this serv- Sig. TN25 / 21.10.96 Juw. Author. Waibel. Date. May 1976. Page No. 28 balle ASW 19 und ASW 19 B alle Werknummern. all ASW 19 and A) Amendment of the Maintenance Manual Inspection Program to increase the Service Life. 7 Feb 1984 A S W 19 B - Fight Manual. AS W 19 B - Flight Manual. For the max. permissible speed another restriction must be regarded: 1.2. Operation 1/8/11 John Carlyle. Scheicher never issued a maintenance manual for the ASW-19. In the. June 1978 issue of the flight manual for my old ASW-19B, the section HCV gliding manuals This site is the home of the LGC Cadets ASW19b, HCV. The most important is the aircraft flight manual. ASW 19b Flight Manual. A S W 2 0 - Flight Manual Page 19. 1.5. Minimum Equipment. Page 21. 1.6. Emergency Procedures . b a s e d o n p e r f o r m a n c e m e a s u r e m e n.


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