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Tutorial for anyone who wants official kits and badges for PES 2016 (self.WEPES) If you follow the tutorial the game will pretty much more licensed than FIFA!!! well in Europe anyways. been nice mind. Can always hope for a patch or inclusion in future games. . Great tutorial. This is for PS4 by the way. 8 Oct 2018 29 Sep 2015 4 Dec 2015 PES 2016 Edit Mode Feature Tutorial by Konami. returns in full glory, allowing full imports on PS4. To help pes communities and hardcore fans 23 Sep 2015 17 Sep 2015 PES 2016 Commentaries (official and made by community) PES 2016 PS4 Patches (option files and more) TUTORIALS : CLICK HERE. PES 2016 10 Feb 2018 A PES 2019 option file - or PES 2019 patch - is for some the thing that PS4 players can now add massively detailed option files to PES 201914 Oct 2018 PES 2019 is finally here, and now players can download option files for PS4 and PC for real Licenses, Kits and Badges. Here is how you do it. 18 Dec 2015 Update your PES 2016 teams and competitions with our guide to installing option files on PS4.


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