michael kors outlets to sit.The staff member

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michael kors outlets to sit.The staff member

Heure : 4 décembre 2012 de 18:00 à 19:00
Emplacement : http://www.korsfactoryoutlet.org/
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Type d'événement : http://www.korsfactoryoutlet.org/
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michael kors outlets to sit.The staff member also thinks that so many people all sat this chair, also all right, make him sit for a while.Unexpectedly, fatty to hand over chair ascend on sitting, the chair Pa Ca Ca falls flat ground.I estimate this fatty to have heavy more than 300 cattieses.The fatty sits on the ground and regrets very much.The first reaction is that he would like to compensate.By this time, the persons of museum all rush out to hand him and say:"This matter son cans not depend on you, either, this chairs all 400 many year old, have never thought to finally ruin are here at you."Later on, American clear that inside the Si museum appointed a lot of experts to this hand over a chair consultation, re- repair.Thoroughly after the repair, re- exhibit, but again disallow a person to sit.0Su east ascent with hand over chair 0In fact, someone sat to once fall to hand over chair on Chinese history, this person is well-known Su east ascent.Sung generation famous poet, Yang Wan Li, the most well-known poem is "the little lotus just exposes a sharp point michael kors outlet Cape, early have dragonfly to sign above".He has in 0truly Zhai poem words 0 such a jot down:Su east the ascent contain the town river of Jiangsu that michael kors jet set tote once lead smooth state, is now, the parents officer of smooth state a hear that the big eminent writer came and certainly needed to hold the party to invite.Holding the party to invite at that time and having some cheap nike shoes online son today is different, specially solemn and impressive at that time, there is performance, be like our Chinese New Year evening parties, the guests were all michael michael kors very happy.The time that finally is over according to practice wants to sing a song.This song is 0tea 0 phrase that Huang Ting Jian writes, say in the phrase:"However have one cup spring grass, the solution lingers a good guest."What mean?Be michael kors hamilton christmas say:However there is this cup tea, know the mood that we linger a guest.The spring grass is tea.Finish singing this song wholesale nike shoes even if is over, had a little son to be like us on singing 0is difficult to forget tonight 0 today, everyone knew to end.But Su east the ascent was very happy at that time, lookinging at all of eyefuls were beautiful female singers, not too wanted to http://www.michaelkorsoutletonlinecn.com/ walk.He is

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